Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review of Lord of Pleasure by Erica Ridley Book Two in the Rogues to Riches Series

I thought the first book in this Series was going to be my favorite, this one is even better,  Hard to believe, I know.  Camellia and Michael's story is wonderful.  Cameillia is a wallflower who has never stepped into the light,  She is the oldest of three girls.  She loves her younger sisters and will do anything for them. If that means marrying an older man and moving away from the only home that she has ever known, it is what she will do, even if it is breaking her heart.

Michael Rutland, Earl of Wainwright is a man misunderstood.  Sure he loves women and makes sure every one of them walks away from his bed pleasured and satiated.  He has never been in love.  The Ton and Scandal sheets only see the fun-loving Gentleman.  He is much more.  He takes his Title and responsibilities seriously.  Is active in The House of Lords and he enjoys the respect and admiration of his close friends, even though they love to rib him about always being in the Scandal Sheets. Cameillia despises him because of a careless remark that hurts her younger sister.  

Camellia is determined to enjoy the last month at home and her younger sisters talk her into going to a masque ball that no proper young lady would be caught dead at.  Wearing a beautiful risque dress and a facemask she arrives at the ball.  She is immediately accosted by a drunk.  Another man comes to her rescue and she is immediately enchanted.  He is well built, has wonderful manners and makes her feel beautiful like a Princess. They spend the rest of the evening talking about things that she has never told anyone else and he makes her promise to come back next week.

Michael has never met a woman like her.  There is something about her that enchants him and he doesn't want her to leave.  He tells her about his parents, which he never talks about to anyone.  He misses them every day and the love that was a daily part of his family life.  He talks her to coming back the next week.

They meet three more times and fall in love, even though they do not know each other without their masks on.  Michael wants to find out her identity and convince her to marry him.  She accidentally finds out who he is and is appalled that she could love a man like him.  She has been a fool.  One result of the month is that she has decided that she is not going to marry the man her parents want her to.  She is going to do what makes her happy and make sure her sisters are too.  Michael is desperate to find out who she is, he loves her and will not stop until he finds her.

Erica has written a wonderful love story that reminds me of the tale of Cinderella.  Her characters are marvelously flawed and lovable.  I also loved the sisters and the Rogues who will get their own stories.  I have the next two books in the Series and cannot wait to read them.  I highly recommend Erica's books.

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